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Jules x La


JulesxLa are also a huge advocate on Anti-Bullying.  Having been bullied themselves, the girls have toured middle schools and spoke to kids about the dangers of bullying and how it affects everyone.  They want to help make it stop!

In early December, 2015, JulesxLa, had a private showcase for Michael Bivins of New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe and Sport Rich Entertainment in Boston.

In late December, 2015, they had a private showcase for Teddy Riley of Blackstreet in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their breakout single, “Broken” has 86k views on their YouTube VEVO channel and  their second single, “Old Thing Back” is currently #4 on the Independent Digital Label chart and continues to climb.  The music video to this song has been played on Nickelodeon Music.

Latasha Maldonado loves to sing. It’s definitely her passion.  Ever since she was a little girl she would always sing in her room, but was too shy to sing in front of anyone. When she was in high school she joined the show choir and had a lot of fun doing it.  Dancing has also become a huge part of her life over the last couple of years.  As she would say, she “had two left feet” before coming into the group. At age 15, she auditioned for “The X Factor”.  After that experience, she was driving to want to sing and perform even more.  Singing has and always will be a part of who she is.

Julia Picarski has been interested in music all of her life.  After being in the school choir for several years, she started recording cover songs and just loved being in the studio.   When she was about 3 years old, her parents purchased the “NSYNC – Live in Madison Square Garden” DVD.  She would stand in front of the TV for hours at a time.  She watched it so much that even at 3 years of age, she knew most of the choreography to the songs and would sing some of the harmonies without even knowing it.  Her parents knew at that time that music was in her future.  Julia also spent 12 years as a dancer, gymnast and All Star Cheerleader, performing all over the United States and having won countless National titles.  Julia decided in 2014 that she wanted to pursue her career in music.

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